You’ve attended the Unleash the Power Within™ (UPW) weekend fire walk experience with Tony Robbins.

Remember your fire walk? You put something at stake and then walked barefoot over fiery hot coals. The process programmed your nervous system to pursue what you put at stake.  Many fire walkers have also experienced fire eating and found it to be even more powerful.

In the first half of the Beliefs Breakthrough™ evening you will get a clear understanding of how beliefs are created, especially that most powerful of all beliefs, our identity.  You’ll discover how the frightened overweight Tony Robbins became “Tony Robbins” by running on that beach until he felt like throwing up blood, listening to Heart’s Barracuda.

The fire walk concept is very similar to the fire eating concept but with a twist.  The fire walk requires you to create extreme “warrior” energy, a peak state of excitement with your power move.  You also distract yourself by looking up (never down at the coals!) and using an incantation of “cool moss, cool moss!”  Those around you assist you in creating the peak state and following through.

The fire eating experience requires a “centered” state. You must place the flame into your own mouth so there is no distracting yourself by looking up or anywhere other than directly at the flame. There is no power move or excited support from those around you.

With fire walking it is possible to cross the coals in an excited and powerful state but not be concentrating on what you put at stake.  Fire eating will require you put something at stake and concentrate on it. The willingness to follow through with fire eating comes only when you have decided to take on a huge positive change in your life.

You can, however, take pictures! Wouldn’t it be great to have pictures of you storming over those coals? Alas, that would knock you and others out of state. With fire eating, you are certain to get fantastic close up pictures that anchor in your decision to step up for years to come.

The fire eating exercise in the Beliefs Breakthrough will start creating your new desired outcomes immediately and your results will be just as amazing as those from the fire walk. Those who have done both often report that fire eating is even more powerful.

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