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You’ve not taken any of the programs I am most familiar with, and that is perfect. This evening program is self contained and doesn’t require any previous class.

The Beliefs Breakthrough™ evening is a super condensed version of what works in all of the great personal development programs - when they work!

You’ll get a sense of how much power you have, how you can create things the way you want them in your life.

In the first half of your Beliefs Breakthrough evening you’ll get an overview of the concepts Michael Leahy has used in his coaching practice and his lectures for almost a decade.

Then you will pick a belief that you hold to be true.  It may be as simple as “I can’t make all the money that I want.” You will identify an opposite belief that would be great to have - if it were true!  It might be “I can double my income and eliminate my debts in 14 months.”  (Past participants have increased their income by a factor of 10 inside a single week!)

Once you have identified what you really want, the final step is to believe in it. In the second half of the Beliefs Breakthrough you’ll have the opportunity to participate in an extremely confronting exercise where you can instantly switch your beliefs to anything you truly want.

You will leave the workshop completely re-wired to create what you really want, easily!

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