New Warrior

You’ve attended the New Warrior™ weekend experience from the ManKind Project.

Remember your carpet work? This may have been the most confronting activity of your adult life. It was done with purpose. Out of it you get the opportunity to form a whole new identity.

In the first half of the Beliefs Breakthrough™ evening you will get a clear understanding of how limiting beliefs were created when you were young, and re-created as you did work on the carpet.  The New Warrior weekend worked on that most powerful of all beliefs, our identity. You’ll discover how it works (and how it can sometimes fail to work) and how to use that knowledge to make positive shifts for yourself and for everyone in your life.

The second half of the Beliefs Breakthrough is an opportunity to eat fire. As you’ve probably guessed, this is no macho stunt. It is done with purpose.

The carpet work concepts are similar to the fire eating concepts but with a twist. Carpet work has you revisit the place and time where you created certain limiting beliefs, a common approach with many types of therapy.

The fire eating experience has you look into the future, totally free of the past, and create new levels of freedom and personal power.

With carpet work, it is possible to completely engage what happened to you in your formative years but not concentrate on what you want now.  Fire eating requires that you choose what you want now and concentrate on it. The willingness to follow through with fire eating comes only when you have decided to take on a huge positive change in your life.

You can also take pictures!  Wouldn’t it be great to have pictures of your breakthroughs on your Warrior weekend? Alas, that is not practical. With fire eating, you will get fantastic close up pictures that will remind you of your powerful decision for years to come.

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