You’ve completed the Lifestream Basic weekend and possibly the IPI.  Outstanding!

Do you know the history of Lifestream?

What you learned about centering and being centered will come in handy at the Beliefs Breakthrough evening.

Are your intentions equal to your results? For most of us the honest answer is No, but we know deep down that we’re actually creating everything in our life. 

Why would we create a limited life?

The answer lies in what we believe, what we feel certain is true. The power and magic of the Beliefs Breakthrough weekend will have you instantly on track to creating the results you want by choosing a new empowering belief and then installing it.

Your intentions are your results.  If you don’t absolutely love the results you are getting in every area of life, your results are still a reflection of your intentions. The Beliefs Breakthrough will show you exactly how your intentions are completely shaped by what you believe is possible and what you believe is best. Then you will learn the most powerful and fastest way to change your beliefs to align your intentions with what you really want.  The results you want will follow automatically.

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